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Summer 2020 Quarterly Newsletter

From the Director

Hello from the office of the ED, whether it’s in my home office or in my agency office. I didn’t think I would see the day that I could perform my work remotely from the comfort of my home. If there is one thing that COVID-19 taught us, it’s that being flexible is the only way to truly get our mission accomplished without sacrificing our safety.

I have to applaud our staff. They have been wonderful through all of the changes, executive orders, policy revisions, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize! I have worked with many people through the years. These women are by far, the best I have seen. They have adjusted to change so seamlessly and ensured the clients still received the best possible care at their hands. Every day, I am grateful for them and all they have been willing to do in order to keep us all safe.

September brings the end of summer so I hope everyone had an opportunity to get out an enjoy some of the beautiful weather. As the fall usually does, we will be once again turning our focus towards helping our youth as they prepare for education that may or may not be face-to-face, with their friends, completely online, or maybe a possibility we haven’t thought of. Students are so important for us because there is a greater risk of them being targeted for online harassment and stalking, bullying, and worst case scenario, being assaulted in their homes without anyone they can talk to. We are hoping to change that by offering our online services to the schools as well as Zoom meetings and presentations that they can be a part of.

We, here at DPRC, have been increasing our ability to provide many of our services online. Keeping confidentiality at the forefront of our services, we have been working with other agencies around the state and our grant funders to get the best possible solution for how we will be able to do that. Things are still cooking right now so stay tuned to our website,, our Facebook page DPRC Shelter, our Twitter page @DPRC_Shelter or our Instagram page dprc_shelter for more information.

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