How to Help

Thank you for your interest in helping us! It would be impossible to continue our mission of providing support and solutions for victims of domestic or sexual abuse without the generosity of people like yourself!

The Diane Peppler Resource Center is currently seeking volunteers to help with:

  • Shoveling our walkway’s in the winter
  • Complete Clean-out of the shelter basement
  • Overnight crisis line volunteers
  • Organizing/cleaning of the shelter garage and storage areas
  • Weekly sanitation/cleaning of our shelter
  • Child Care for our residents in shelter who may need to attend work or appointments

The efforts and contributions that you and others make, helps us to help individuals and families find safety and heal the emotional scars of abuse. Your support also helps us to continue our work to promote awareness and education in the community on the vital issues of domestic abuse and sexual assault.

There are many ways that you can help support us.  You can donate to us via paypal, or donate items from our wish list. And we are always looking for volunteers and donations of services from local business as well. Even a little help can go a long way, and together we can help to bring safety and support, reduce abuse by educating our communities.

Thank You!

Diane Peppler Resource Center is a United Way Charity of the Eastern Upper Peninsula


The Diane Peppler Resource Center is in need of many items! As the increase in clients continues, so does the need for supplies. If you would like to help it would be greatly appreciated and make a big difference in...

Paypal Donations

The Diane Peppler Resource Center is now able to accept donations through Paypal. To donate quickly and easily using your Paypal account or a credit card, please click the button below:  

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program of the Diane Peppler Resource Center has been, since the beginning, an integral part of the agency. We never would have grown so much or helped so many, without the daily support and kindness of our volunteers....

Volunteer Applications

Hello, Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the Diane Peppler Resource Center. Attached is the application for becoming a volunteer. Please complete and return either by mail, or drop it off at the shelter, please call...