Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

  • To provide a safe and violence-free atmosphere, from domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking, bullying, and stalking, in which survivors can recognize their options to have the opportunity to continue living violence free.
  • To educate our community and systems that domestic and sexual violence can happen to anyone across all spectrums of gender, national origin, color, religion, race, and/or sexual orientation and is the result of an imbalance of power and control.
  • To provide on-going public advocacy, education programs and services to reduce the incidence of physical and emotional abuse against partners and children, therefore creating a healthier environment.

Our Philosophy

Domestic and Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, Bullying, and Stalking is a violent act committed against a person’s will.  These are universal crimes occurring across all spectrums of life.  This criminal conduct cannot be tolerated as it has devastating effects on the victims and the entire society.  A comprehensive community response to domestic and sexual assault, human trafficking, bullying, and stalking through education, advocacy, and other appropriate interventions are necessary to bring about change to end the violence.

The Diane Peppler Resource Center is committed to working within the social system to hold the perpetrator accountable.

We are further committed to promoting the empowerment of survivors so they may make informed decisions for themselves.

We will treat survivors with dignity and respect and provide them the support and advocacy necessary to help reestablish their sense of well-being.