The Luce County Outreach Office

407 W. Harrie
Newberry, MI 49868
(906) 293-4853

The Outreach Office in Luce County is located within the Government
Building at 407 West Harrie Street. Our regular business hours are from 8a.m. to 4p.m., Monday through Friday. Our Outreach Advocate can adjust their schedule accordingly, however, to better serve survivors. Services that are available within Luce County include:

  • Advocacy/Referrals
  • Emergency Needs Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Life Skills Development
  • Legal Advocacy
  • PPO Assistance
  • Youth Education/Advocacy Services
  • Prevention and Awareness Training

Past events in Luce County have included the Burger Bash Fundraiser; sponsored by the Newberry Fireman’s Association. We were able to raise over $1200, and promote awareness of our program through the event. We combined fun and challenging activities with learning about dating violence at the Wii Can Beat Violence Teen Event. Diane Peppler Resource Center also took part in the Luce County Child Advocacy Day by providing information to children and parents about “Good Touch, Bad Touch.” In previous years, our office has teamed up with various service providers in Luce County to host an event called Project Homeless Connect. Last year we were able to help 82 families in need, including 68 children at the event.

Domestic Violence Task Force

Diane Peppler Resource Center has joined forces with local Law Enforcement, the Victim’s Advocate, and the Prosecuting Attorney to form a Domestic Violence Task Force in January 2017. The Force is dedicated to eradicating domestic violence within Luce County. We work as a joined effort to hold perpetrators accountable, enhance victims’ safety, and promote prevention within our home community. For more information about the Task Force, contact our

Outreach Advocate

, or call (906) 293-4853.

Women’s Support Group

If you are a woman who is a survivor of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault, come join us! This support group is free and confidential. Come get the support you need, or have been looking for, from other woman who have experienced what you are going through. Express your feelings and concerns within in a safe environment, with people who care. Please call 906-293-4853 for the location and time of the groups!

Project Homeless Connect is coming to Newberry!

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